Why Use Press Release Marketing to Ignite Your Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Why Use Press Release Marketing to Ignite Your Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Most entrepreneurs come into the network marketing industry looking to get out of the rat race. They think starting an online home based business opportunity can’t be that hard. However, they soon find out they were wrong. They find out one of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs have is getting enough traffic to their website. Without the proper training, this will cause a problem. Most uplines in the MLM & Network Marketing industry don’t have a clue either. Well I’m here to share with you a powerful secret. That secret is called press release marketing. Creating a press release is one of the best strategies and ways to position yourself as an expert. Writing a press release for an event will instantly add credibility to your online business. It is like a story, except you can submit your story t sites on the web.

The key to creating a press release is to optimize your releases for specific keywords. The keyword could be your name, a business name, or other industry related specific keywords. The way optimization works is when a person goes to Google and types in your keyword, your release could show up in the search engine results. This will give prospects an opportunity to read it, and then click through to your website or blog.

Now you may be thinking this is the same as article marketing. However it’s not, the difference is a press release is an announcement of a specific event, which could be a launching of your new business. On the other hand article marketing shares your opinions or information. This is very important to keep in mind.

Now through optimization, a press release promotion can bring very high quality potential prospects to your website. Most people that will read it have already made up their minds to start an online home based business opportunity. They are simply in their due diligence mode, this makes them a targeted highly qualified lead.

What also makes writing a press release for an event appealing, is the cost. If you are building your online home based business opportunity on a budget you will need to learn and use press release marketing. There is no cost to this method. However you will be spending your time, writing the releases. Then you will have to personally submit your press release promotion to each of the distribution sites.

Here is a list of some distribution sites:

– prlog.org

– free-press-release.com

– prweb.com

If you are not happy with these sites you can either search on Google or Alexa, the web info company.

In conclusion, this online marketing strategy can be a very cheap and powerful. Also with this strategy you will be creating and posting content that will continue to bring you traffic, even long after the distribution of it. A press release promotion is one of the most under used marketing methods in the online business industry. Take advantage of this strategy and watch your business and income explode.

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