Web Marketing Strategy Number 9 – Social Media For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity


Social Media as a web marketing strategy is all about building trust and relationships with your potential business partners. Social Media is great vehicle which allows your prospects the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level without any sales pressure. Potential business partners are given the opportunity to observe you without feeling obligated to joining your home internet business opportunity. YouTube have all types of video that may be viewed but amazingly producing a perfect video is not required. The desire of the viewer to connect with you on a personal level far outweighs perfection in the actual video.

As I write this post there are two Social Media sites in the Top 10 on Alexa Facebook (#2) and YouTube (#4). MySpace (#12) and Twitter (#15) have slowly crept out of the Top 10 which warrant the question is Social Media a fad? The vast amount of people using Social Media on a daily basis suggests that it is not a fad. Facebook is a great way to generate leads for your home internet business opportunity. YouTube is a great way to integrate video into your web marketing strategies.

YouTube is a great media where potential business partners have the opportunity to see you as a person. The video should be a natural video where perfection is not necessary. Your partners are looking for an expert that have similar background and is like them to a certain degree. Facebook allows your potential business partners to see you as an individual with the groups you are associated, your profile, friends, etc. Social Media lets them watch you and your actions from afar without having to commit to your home internet business opportunity.

Web marketing strategy using Social Media is very necessary in getting your home internet business opportunity to the next level. When I sold a home care system door to door many years ago the product I sold was great but until my prospect trusted me no sale was ever made. I had a very short time in the sale process to get them to purchase my product. I had one chance and no other opportunity to make the sale. The advantages of the internet provide you the opportunity to attract potential business partners over an indefinite amount of time.

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