Trevo LLC is a new nutritional beverage company headquartered in Oklahoma City, using a multi level distribution model. Is harnessing the trend toward consumption of nutritional energy drinks something that can be profitable for you?

Mark and Holli Stevens are the founders of Trevo LLC. They have been involved with network marketing for over sixteen years as owners of a company and between them built an organization with tens of thousands of members so you have business owners with hands on experience in the field rather than merely a financial interest in the company.

The primary product is a nutritional drink containing natural supplements such as acai berries, coral calcium and super greens gathered from around the world. Processed foods are common in much of the civilized world so it seems reasonable that people will experience improvement from the vitamin drink upon which this company is based. It is not clear whether greens are shipped fresh or dried. There is also some question about the absorption rate of inorganic coral calcium when compared to plant based sources. If vitamin sources are not absorbed and used in the body the excess is wasted.

Once you have shared the products with your “warm market” of friends and acquaintances, you will need to market to a wide distribution of additional prospects to generate significant income on the $50 per bottle product and to earn up to 40 per cent commissions, group volume commission, bulk pack commissions and leadership bonuses.

The company provides a replicated website, and suggests using offline methods such as placing your retail website address on Trévo Prescription pads to be used in combination with Dr. Wilmovksy CDs for a product driven presentation to lead prospects to your website.

Using offline methods is more labor intensive than using online methods, so it is important to learn to use a variety of strategies to help you brand yourself online, to drive traffic, and to differentiate yourself from your competition using similar web sites also provided by Trevo LLC.

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