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A magazine is a periodic publication containing news about geo-political events, its implication, and informative articles about health, travel, and entertainment. Newspapers are published daily with varied content on various subjects printed on low-quality paper like newsprint. An online newspaper or magazine is the digital version first published in 1974 by Bruce Parrella. By the late 1990s, many US newspapers started publishing digital versions but with less hype and interactivity. Today e-magazines and newspapers have suppressed traditional magazines has become an integral part of daily information. Society is divided on whether it is effective or not, as digital publications do not provide details of the occurrences and their geo-political impact.

E and web edition

There are two types of a digital newspapers; e and web editions. In the e-edition, the physical content is presented in a digital format with all advertisements, illustrations, and images. The appearance and feel are more akin to a paper publication. Primarily it is a digital format of the paper publication. In the web edition, the formatting is different from the physical version, and the content is curtailed with interlinked web pages and file transfer. The web edition is specifically designed for internet and digital readers. The E-edition costs less compared to the web edition.

More interactive

An online magazine or newspaper is more interactive as you can post your reviews. In The Island Now magazine, you can watch videos and slideshows and air your opinion about those contents. If it is a breaking news day, major events swarming, news about smaller significance is omitted in the web version leaving the reader less informed about those events. The broader access point is a major factor in the trending of e-magazines, as people can read the content through various devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The current news about various events happening around the world is at the fingertip of the user of handheld devices. 

Free access to stories

Most newspaper offers free access to stories about major international and national events; you have access to older versions, so you can go through the previous content if you like; it is just a few clicks away. On the contrary, if you want to read an older edition of a newspaper, you either have to visit a library or the office of the newspaper.

May options for revenue

Advertising was the only way of revenue for online magazines and newspapers, but now there are other options for revenue generation available. Traditional models have been reshaped for business growth; more tech-savvy publications incorporate internet-specific business models using multiple platforms. The Island Now magazine generates its revenue through subscriptions, affiliate links, and ecommerce sales of books and other merchandise.  

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