Questions to Ask about Solar Power for Residential Use Before Getting One

Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar panel installation is an investment since it costs around $11,000 or more depending on the solar power system your home needs. That’s why it is just right to learn more about solar power before using it in your home.In this way you will know if it’s really worth it or not.  More and more people are shifting to solar power as their source of energy and there might be good reasons behind it. If you are planning to have a solar power for residential use then you should be asking these following questions first: 

How Much Solar Needed to Power a House?

Each household has different energy needs, therefore before getting solar panel installation your solar provider can do the calculation for you on how much solar panels your home will need. For instance, Energy usage is measured by Kilowatt hour, so the computation will depend on how much kilowatt hour does your household consume. Once they have determined they will know how many solar panels are needed to power up your home. Quotations on how much your solar panel system will cost will be given to you. 

What is Net metering?

Net metering is connecting your solar panel system to the electricity grid. Clients will have an option if they will choose to connect their solar panel system to the grid or solely use solar energy. Connecting your solar panel system can give you benefits such as: 

Storing enough power to use in the future just in case your solar energy will not be enough. 

For every excess energy from your system it will be credited to the grid and you can get paid for it or you can use it if your solar energy is not enough. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait for my Solar Panel to be Installed?

If everything goes fine and everything has been planned between your and your solar installer, the installation will just take a few days. However, there are factors that can affect it, for instance if you opt to connect your solar panel to the electricity grid that will add up some ways to have it done . But basically solar panel installation will just be a few days so you will be able to use it and start enjoying your solar energy usage. 

How Can Using a Solar Panel System Lower my Bill?

By shifting to solar energy your usage of electricity from the grid will be lowered or even eliminated. Using solar panels can lower your bill to 80% if you opt to do net metering which is connecting your solar panel to the electricity  grid, but if you choose to use solar energy solely then you have no bill to pay as long as your solar panel system can support all your energy needs. If not, then check for electricity providers that will help you with solar energy plans to fit your solar panels and lower your bills. This is the reason why people are motivated to shift to solar as their source of energy, imagine saving money from not paying skyrocketing bills?

How Can I Get Tax Credit from my  Solar Panel Installation?

There is what we call solar tax credit, this works when you purchase the solar panel installation you can get a 25% rebate on the full cost of your solar panel system. There are requirements to avail this, you can talk to your solar installers since it varies from States to State sometimes. States have done this to encourage residences to use renewable energy as their source of power. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get my ROI back?

Solar panel system is indeed an investment since it costs around $11,000 or more. This is not a small amount of money, the good thing about this is you can be able to get back the money you used to purchase your solar panel system by adding all the savings you can. In 5 years you can get your return of investment. 

Using solar power for residential use can benefit your household a lot. You can save  from paying high electricity bills and at the same time help lessen air pollution. Now that you have knowledge about solar panel benefits and installation, you can now contact your solar panel providers to have that solar panel installed at your home.