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An Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney is experienced in what medical marijuana is legally and the legal implications that come with it. As defined by District of Oklahoma law, medical marijuana refers to cannabis that is grown, cultivated, and then distributed according to the Medical Treatment Cannabis Legalization Act and its various amendments.

In essence, cannabis is grown specifically for distribution to patients in the District of Oklahoma with serious illnesses or ailments that cannabis doctors think will be more helpful than otherwise. An experienced attorney can provide further guidance on definitions or other issues.

Police Treatment of Medical Marijuana

In general, law enforcement officials in the District of Oklahoma respect the right of medical marijuana patients to own their medication and the right of medical marijuana businesses (including growers, cultivators, processors, and dispensaries) to conduct their business.

Because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and current federal law does not recognize marijuana for medical use, everyone involved in the medical cannabis industry, from patients to doctors to providers, should be aware of this fact. These patients and business owners could likely face arrest, prosecution, or imprisonment if caught on federal land possessing their medical marijuana. This is an issue that especially applies to individuals who live and businesses who do business in the District of Oklahoma because of its proximity to federal land.

Consent to the use of Medical Marijuana

As medical marijuana laws go into effect, a patient’s doctor may recommend medical marijuana for a debilitating condition the doctor believes will do more good than harm. Examples of conditions that qualify include HIV, AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

It is important to note that any condition that is considered chronic or that interferes with the patient’s basic functioning of life can be eligible. Individuals should consult an Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney for more information about what qualifies someone for medical marijuana.

Barriers To Overcoming In Cases Of Medical Marijuana

An Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney knows that there are several obstacles to be overcome in a medical marijuana situation. From the patient’s and doctor’s point of view, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the social taboo against drugs.

For many years, marijuana was viewed as a gateway drug with little or no therapeutic value. These misconceptions are slowly changing thanks to their hard work in the field of medical cannabis and also because of their patients and supporters.

How Business Is Influenced

From a business perspective, the biggest hurdle is the number of laws and regulations that must be followed. It is a growing industry and is already one of the most regulated industries in the country as well. This can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs trying to get their first cannabis business up and running and keeping up with the evolving laws and regulations set forth by the District of Oklahoma.

For example, many banks will refuse to work with companies that are in the cannabis industry because they fear money laundering or other federal prosecution charges. While it’s understandable that banks might want to err on the side of caution, this practice can lead to a very challenging environment for medical cannabis companies.

Hire an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Attorney

Experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can help medical cannabis companies and the medical cannabis industry structure their businesses to avoid non-compliance with these laws and regulations. Oklahoma medical marijuana attorneys can also help people through substance-related problems. Get in touch to see what they can do for you today.

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