Master Business Agility Now Or Face The Consequences Of Business As Usual


Business Agility, a trend or the key to your future?

Hold on to your hats. If you think the rate of change was intense over the last 20 years you ain’t seen nothing yet! There are large, mega trends now underway that will wash distracted decision makers overboard, no matter how luxurious your corporate yacht is. There are also dark storm clouds gathering for what could be the most perfect storm ever! If you are not prepared, if you choose not to listen and/or if you are not agile enough to handle the increasing seas of change, you and your company will founder.

Powerful trends are now showing themselves with great intensity.

  • Big Data now has the power to capture and measure whatever you want.
  • On-line learning in the form of MOOCs (Mass On-line Open Courses), allows access to state of the art education to anyone, 24/7, ANYWHERE!
  • An abundance of production, services and even cheap money.
  • Exciting demographics where smart, healthy seniors choose not to retire

These are just a few, but each is a forceful wave powerful enough to crush those resisting, ignoring or missing them. If you don’t learn to surf these waves of change you may find yourself and your crew dashed against the rocks of complacency.

Yet this is only half the story. For every exciting change listed above and dozens more there is a dark side. Storm clouds are gathering. Just as with each trend above, each and every storm below, plus others not mentioned, could wreak chaos in its own right.

  • Economic turbulence, due to easy money, has broken the World’s pricing mechanism. How much does something really cost when it’s financed it for free?
  • Environmental issues like pollution and climate change can no longer be avoided.
  • Governmental intrusion in the form of higher taxes, large and complicated laws are choking off business development. Entrepreneurs are hesitating.
  • Geopolitics are increasingly uncertain, it is always easier for a leader to blame some outside force, than to take a closer look at their own part in the chaos.
  • Information saturation makes it tough to take effective decisions; increases stress.

All of these accidents that are waiting to happen help to increase our distrust in business as usual leadership. With new scandals coming to light every day, whom can you trust; how can you make responsible decisions: how can you act on them decisively?

In order to survive or let alone thrive in these increasingly uncertain times you need to get agile NOW! Change management using backward looking tools is no longer practical. By mastering your ability for agility you can help insure your future success by:

  • Looking forward towards the horizon, not relying on how good you used to be
  • Finding agile leaders with a passion for people, customers and your products
  • Increasing value by tuning in and marketing your products efficiently
  • Lowering costs by locating and outsourcing non-core inefficiency
  • Communicating your message by inspiring and engaging others into action

All of these disciplines will help to increase your ability to respond. Practicing these tools on a daily basis will transform business agility from a catchy buzzword to a lifestyle that insures your and your corporate crews success.

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