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I decided to put together this report so that people can get off to a quick start when they decide that they are going to jump into the home business arena. So often, people are paralyzed by paralysis of analysis, or they worry about the small details instead of just jumping in and doing something, anything to get their business going. This is dedicated to those people that would not help anyone other than themselves. It is dedicated to those people so that one day they may learn that what you get is equal to what you give. I am going to give you more than 5 things you can do to market online and offline and build your business. So the key here is to gather and make your own momentum. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

The Keys for Success:

Highly successful people have 2 common characteristics, they are 1) action oriented, they take action when they see a great opportunity, you have this or you would not be reading this right now 2) they are education oriented, they want to learn as much as they can so they can be a success, you have this or you would not be reading this right now.

A recent study showed that a group of college students were asked to make goals for their future career and accomplishments. Over 90 percent of the people who wrote down their goals and committed to those ambitions actually succeeded. While only 4 percent of those students who didn’t write down their goals accomplished what they set out do in their career.


Branding Page or “Who Is” Page:

The branding page or “who is” page lets your potential customer feel like they are getting to know you without you having to speak to them yet. Think of it as a personal sales letter. This page is selling you! It can be a “who is” page or a “your name” page. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you tell about yourself, your experiences, your life. You don’t have to have a ton of business accolades. You can be a regular Joe or Josephine. But someone out there will want to do business with you because they either like you, or want to be like you. You are going to have something in common or that attracts people to do business with you. It could be sports, gardening, a country you visit or live in, anything.

Sales or Landing Page:

The other thing I recommend is a sales or landing page that is different than what your company that you are a distributor for uses. Honestly most of these pages are not put together in a real logical manner. They look flashy and great, but the reality is that these do not separate you from every one else. People are fickle and even though you brought them to the website, marketed and peaked their interest, they are going to want to do business with who they feel the most comfortable with.

Press Releases:

Press releases will get your business up and running. A press release is very simple to do, although it seems very complicated. There are press release services on the internet that will put your news release out to media outlets and yahoo and Google news. It then gets picked up and spidered by the search engines, getting you great placement, without having to worry about search engine optimization. Try PR Web, as they are great to work with, plus they seem to be the best PR service that understands the search engines


Articles are a great way to get your name out. However, this is not an immediate hit. The spider in the search engines take a little time to get it out. But in roughly 30 days your articles will be all over the internet. There are several ways to get articles written and distributed all over the internet. Articles are a key way to get yourself credibility as an expert in what you are doing. Whether it is a product or service you are offering or a business opportunity. You do need to have roughly 400 to 700 words in the article.


Blogging is becoming very popular and a way for people to get quite a bit of credibility on the internet. A blog is really just a diary on a web page. But the cool thing about a blog is that you can write anything you want. Just to a search for blogging services and you will find plenty of places that you can write about your business. Be sure to have your keywords in your blog and make it topical to what you are doing.

Free Places to Place Your Ads:

I know I am about to step in dangerous territory here. Everyone wants to advertise for free. Low cost and no cost is the way to go. Well, that is true to a point. In advertising and really anything in life, you get what you pay for. Use low cost and no cost ways as much as you like, but realize it needs to be a compliment to what you are doing, not the only thing you are doing.

Google Adwords:

Google AdWords are now becoming one of the best places to market out there. But they can be the most costly. It all depends on how you do it and your marketing strategy.

To get to the basics of adwords, when you do a Google search there is a left side or “organic” side and the right side are the “sponsored links” or AdWord section. The left side of the page is ranked by relevance and number of times you are accessed. Google is run by a computer program that very very few people know a lot about. But 80% if not more search engine traffic comes from Google. This is why AdWords can be so effective. So many people are searching for info out there and you can target yourself to what your audience is looking for.

Remember, people are going to buy from YOU. It is not so much the opportunity or the product. People buy from those people that they feel they know, like and trust. So when working your warm market, you can not come across as selling them, you can not be fake, you can not be shady. You have to be real, genuine and you have to show you care. I hope that this material helps you become not only a better marketer, but a huge success in your business venture. But this will only work if you apply it. Please don’t be one of those people that buy the Real Estate Investing course and it sits on your shelf.

To Your Success

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