Highlight Your Best Shooting Skills With The Vivo V 17 Pro

The Vivo V17 Pro was designed to provide users with their most wanted features, at an affordable cost. The company has capitalized on their association with professionals and technology enthusiasts by designing phones that perform better than the average smartphone on the market. The Vivo V17 Pro comes equipped with industry-leading water-resistant features. Users can enjoy long hours of browsing the internet, streaming movies, playing games and enjoying general activities on their phone without worrying about getting a wet phone. The Vivo V17 Pro has been designed to work perfectly in bright sunlight, so it can be used in any type of outdoor situation.

The Vivo V17 Pro Features

The vivo v17 pro features a high-definition, pop-out screen that can be maximized for viewing multiple applications and windows at the same time. The device has a full-sized, capacitive, capacitance display with an integrated Super AMOLED panel that delivers high-resolution, crisp color accuracy and vivid colors. The camera has a high-speed auto-focus system that offers smooth image capturing even when moving the camera from a specific location to another.

As one of the latest smartphone models from Samsung, the Vivo V17 Pro comes loaded with many useful features. The camera has four modes including single, group, fun photo and portrait mode. The device also features a built-in botectomizer that will eliminate the need to use a cloth or any other items to prevent your hands from being misted up with dirt, oil and dust. The handset also boasts of an advanced dual-core processor that enables it to process applications and perform other tasks faster and with less strain on the battery. It also features a powerful yet efficient chipset, resulting in improved performance and speed, and features a powerful Adreno dispatch system that allows the processor to maximize performance.


The Vivo V17 who is also packed with features and applications that are ideal for power users and multimedia enthusiasts. It has an enhanced version of the popular ZenFone 2.5 mobile application platform that supports low latency data transfer. This makes the Vivo V 17 Pro a perfect choice for individuals who need the advantages of multitasking and data buffering. The phone also features a super AMOLED touch screen display that offers vivid and crisp text views and rich graphical user interface that is easy to use. The phone also features the new Fast Panel which allows you to easily manage all the icons, files and applications that are loaded on your Vivo Z Ultra quickly and without manual browsing. There is also an enhanced version of Smart Reply which provides a faster and more efficient way to send replies to email messages.

For professional photographers, the Vivo V17 Pro is a complete mobile solution. The handset comes with an image processing engine that allows it to automatically repair bad images and fix red-eye effects. It also features built-in image editing features like crop, rotate, clear focus, sharpen image and add text to image functions. The handset has an advanced image processing engine called Live Info where it stores data related to the date, time, location and people in the form of calendar entries and reminder notes. For this, it requires 4.4 mega pixels camera sensors along with HID technology.

The Vivo V17 pro is loaded with various customizable features including connectivity features like USB and Bluetooth, optical heart rate monitor, MMS, dual SIM card slot, fast ring indicator, gesture dial and auto-play speaker. The device runs on the MT4 chipset and has two gigabytes of RAM and runs on Windows OS. The manufacturer has also embedded the Google Maps application within the smartphone so that you can easily navigate to places via GPS.