GBG Ghana Review – The Truth About the GBG Business Opportunity


Sometimes there can be too much buzz about a business opportunity such as GBG Ghana, and it takes a lot effort for one to find the truth about what exactly it is. Whereas you acknowledge that there is a lot of information on the internet about the company and its opportunities, it is quite difficult to find one that can really provide the entire truth about GBG Ghana. This review dedicates itself to finding the absolute truth concerning the MLM business opportunity that is provided by this company.

What is GBG Ghana?

GBG is a company based in California. It is mainly a health and wellness specialization providing effective and convenient nutritional products everywhere in the world, but with their business model mainly thriving in Canada and the United States, and now expanded to Ghana, West Africa.

GBG is a company that provides business opportunities to people who would like to do MLM businesses with products based on the health niche. The company originally had its areas of specialization locked to the United States and Canada, but in the early days of the year 2011, the CEO of GBG, Stuart Finger announced through a press release that they were opening their doors to the potential market overseas, that is, Ghana. By April 2011, the company was already operational in Ghana. The aim of the company is to provide people lead healthier lives as well as make money while at home through its outstanding business model.

GBG Ghana Product Review

The company’s success can be attributed to the kind of product and health solutions it provides to its users. The company is said to have some of the finest products based on vitamins in the market today. These not only come as products but also with a GBG MLM business opportunity that has an attractive compensation plan. The expansion of the company’s market brought in a challenge of shipping heavy liquid bottles and keeping the costs of the products affordable.

This is how they came up with the GBG chewable tablets that contained supplements of vitamins. This was a cost effective solution, which began to reduce the barriers between the company and its customers in overseas companies.

GBG and Its Compensation Plan

Not only does GBG provide superior formulated health products to its customers, but is also a way through which they can earn income while living healthy lives. Their products are designed to be very effective, delicious and affordable to the whole family, making it easy for MLM representatives to grow their networks and earn bonuses from the same.

The core concept behind the earning opportunity is based on building a network with GBG to make a downline. Bonuses are awarded on this. Every user of the products is allowed to make sales as well. For people who would like to improve the health of other people and make a living as well, distributing the products throughout your network as well as teaching them how to create their own downline can earn you bonuses and commissions.

GBG Marketing Tools

Unfortunately GBG have been teaching their distributors the old fashion way of recruiting which involves going out and chase their friends and family and presenting at hotel meetings. A Large percentage of their distributors struggle with this type of marketing and they end up quitting.

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