Five Ways to Customise Men’s Wedding Rings

It is important to take into consideration the lifestyle and the taste of the person when it comes to buying a men’s wedding ring. Gone are the days where simply picking out a plain polished wedding band since there are a lot of shits in the men’s wedding ring trend in the past decades and men’s custom wedding bands have been a thing for a while now. There are now different textures, designs, accents, and colors. So, here are five ways to customize men’s wedding rings.

  1. Band Profiles

The classic wedding bands have now evolved over the past few years and the inventory is endless, involving different shape profiles. The most comfortable would have to be the court and the D-shaped styles. Flat and beveled styles on the other hand are very clean and modern, while knife edge and concave styles would be the choices when you want to have comfort and edge.

Here are the other different band profiles that you could possibly choose from:

  • Flat

This would have to be the opposite of the court profile because they feature some flat edged on all the sides of the ring, which would then create a more geometric and sharp silhouette.

  • Bevelled

This ring band has a contemporary finish. The ring is flat and the outer edge would have angled edges.

  • Court

This is the most traditional out of the band profiles that are listed and it has a soft rounded curve that is found on the inside and outside of the ring. This is mostly referred to as the “comfort fit” because of the comfort it brings to the user.

  • D-shape

This is identical to the court ring. You could see that the inside of the bands are flat and it could sit flush up against the finger, which would then create a D shape on the band’s profile. It is recommended to people who are active or usually work using their hands.

  • Knife Edge

This band features a sharp, but not razor-like, edge that would run along the band and divide the ring into two slanting parts that would meet at the center knifepoint.

  • Concave

The concave ring is a band that has a smooth interior of a flat profile and it has a softly dipped curve on the ring’s exterior.

  1. Metal

The metal that you use for the ring would have to make the greatest impact on the appearance of the ring. A lot of people get the platinum or 18ct gold wedding band because it is durable since it would make the ring durable enough to withstand everyday wear.

Metals like palladium and tungsten are both notoriously difficult to work with so jewelers would craft the rings that are exclusively in 18ct yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

If you cannot decide on only one metal, then you could mix metals. Mixing metals have been a trend recently, and this would make your ring more unique.

  1. Metal Finishes

Now that you have chosen your band profile and the metal used, you could add texture in order to personalize the finish. The most popular texture would have to be matte, hammered, and satin.

The matte and satin finishes are smooth to the touch, but you won’t be seeing any reflection on the surface but you would be able to see delicate brush marks that remove a metal’s shine, which would make it look more fogged.

A hammered ring, on the other hand, would still offer a somewhat shiny appearance and would be reflective in the surface, but the texture of the ring has dimpled, giving you the illusion of the ring being hammered for each dimple on the ring.

  1. Engraving

This would depend on the person, and in the age of personalization, customizing is the perfect canvas and a classic symbol of fidelity. The ring that you could have can have a message inscribed on the inside or the outside of the ring.

  1. Gemstone Set

Ladies are not the only ones that could have gemstones on their rings, you could add diamonds and colored gemstones to the wedding band designs.

Diamonds would have to be the hardest gemstone on the planet and it is the perfect choice in terms of rarity and durability.

Sapphires, on the other hand, follow closely behind on the diamond’s hardness, but sapphires are available in most colors.

Aside from these two, you could also have other gemstones that you could set on the inside of your band. You could use gemstones like your partner’s birthstone as a symbol of them being with you all the time.

How much does it cost to make a custom wedding band?

There is one big question that people ask when you are customizing rings, is it expensive to have a ring custom made? 

The price of the ring would usually be impacted by the choice of the diamond or gemstone, and the metal used. The metal is charged by weight, so if you choose to get the wider band and have a heavier design, then the more expensive the ring would be.