Cartridge Refill Franchise – A Great Business Opportunity


A cartridge refill franchise works to help printer users save money without sacrificing quality by offering printer cartridge refill packs and services. Using the products and services offered by a well established company, a cartridge refill franchise aims to educate printer users about the benefits of refilling and the ways to go about it. A large number of printer users are unaware that the refilling of a printer cartridge helps to preserve the environment by reusing existing resources. The growing demand for printing products and the subsequent demand for refilling make a cartridge refill franchise an excellent business opportunity.

Refill Printer Cartridges: A High Growth Market

Printing material is of utmost importance in companies, offices, colleges, schools and other institutions. Most workplaces and educational institutes have a fax machine and a printer. Therefore, the demand for refilling or refurbishing a cartridge every few months or days, depending on the usage, is extremely high. According to Lyra Research, nearly 70% of all cartridges are just thrown away when empty. This is a major cause of concern on environmental grounds. Recycling or refilling of cartridges can significantly reduce landfill waste originating from cartridges and their components, such as steel, aluminum, plastic and oil. Moreover, the refilling of a cartridge leads to significant cost savings for the printer user. The cost of a new cartridge is extremely high and original equipment manufacturers are making huge money out of it. Refilling can be done at a cost that is nearly 50% lower than buying a new cartridge. So, the scope for the expansion of sale of refill products and services is significant.

The Expansion of Cartridge Refill Franchise Networks

The cartridge refill franchise network has expanded rapidly over the years in view of the surge in demand for refill kits and refill services. Growing awareness about the benefits of refilling printer cartridge has led to spike in the segment and the expansion of the cartridge refill franchise network.

A cartridge retail franchise needs to tie up with a reputed cartridge products and accessories supplier. The agreement between the two involves the provision of the basic equipment for providing refilling services, besides refill kits for direct sales in return for some start up fees. The team at cartridge refill franchise has to undergo some coaching and training sessions held by the franchisor. These training sessions involve coaching about inks, toners, printers and the correct way to fill ink and toner cartridges. A cartridge refill franchise is also constantly updated with the latest technology and the products introduced in the cartridge refilling segment.

Founded more than a decade back, Cartridge World is a leading provider of cartridge related products and refilling services for a wide variety of printers. The company has established itself in the marketplace through its competitive pricing and superior products.

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