8 Differing Characteristics Between a Business Opportunity Seeker and a Business Opportunity Buyer

8 Differing Characteristics Between a Business Opportunity Seeker and a Business Opportunity Buyer

At first glance, you might think a person seeking a business opportunity is the same as a person buying a business opportunity. However, the difference between the two is as different as night and day.

The business opportunity seeker is your typical tire kicker. They will be seeking the “right” business opportunity forever. Any surprise that their opportunity will never be found?

The business opportunity buyer is one who is seriously seeking a business to join. And when such a business is found, the opportunity buyer wastes no time in fully immersing himself/herself into the business.

Let’s take a look at eight characteristics separating the BUYER from the SEEKER:

1. BUYERS know that there are expenses associated with running a business and are prepared to spend money with initial costs, product autoships and marketing. SEEKERS will gripe each time they have to spend money getting their business off the ground.
2. BUYERS are coachable and eager to learn what will make them successful. SEEKERS will usually have a better way of doing things and are difficult to coach.
3. BUYERS can be molded into the business’ way of doing things. SEEKERS will want the business to be molded around their way of doing things.
4. BUYERS, realizing that it is the internet age, will seek to use the internet to prospect and grow their business. SEEKERS will rattle off all the people they know and how they will all become a part of their team.
5. BUYERS will embrace any/all training available to them. SEEKERS are difficult to train as they tend to innovate rather than duplicate.
6. BUYERS realize the value of autoship on stabilizing and growing their group volume. SEEKERS will question the necessity of autoship.
7. BUYERS will be able to quickly realize the opportunity is right for them and will join. SEEKERS will have to think about it, will have to ask others (you know, decision by committee).
8. BUYERS will seek to know exactly what it takes to make money, to make the first promotion level. SEEKERS will want to know how much money the top earners make and how fast they can become one.

Were you to further categorize a BUYER and a SEEKER, you might say one is potentially a perfect netWORKer and the other is a perfect example of a netWISHer. One works to make it happen and the other wishes it would happen.

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