2 Qualities For a Successful Network Marketer – Even in an Easy Home Based Business Opportunity


Are you cut out to be a successful internet marketer – even in an easy home based business opportunity?

Who would not like to succeed working from home? They have no commute to a job. They don’t report to a boss. Their income potential is unlimited.

A successful internet marketer doesn’t have to dress up to go to work and can work in very casual clothes. Their work schedule can be very flexible. They can work around their children’s events and other family activities. There are tax advantages to owning their businesses.

That sounds really good, doesn’t it? But successful internet marketers will quickly tell you that all of these advantages come with a high price tag. It takes a significant amount of work and commitment in order to be successful.

It’s very important to not get completely carried away with all the benefits of internet marketing. The purpose of this article is to point out 2 qualities you must have in order to be a successful internet marketer. So ask yourself these questions:

1. Do You Enjoy and Thrive in Situations Where You Must Work Completely on Your Own?

Sure, being your own boss sounds great, but:

a. Do you succeed in situations where you must work on your own? Or do you prefer to have someone tell you what to do? You won’t be able to go work every day and have your day already planned for you by your boss or the routine of your job. Many people don’t do well when they must work completely on their own.
b. Are you self-disciplined? Are you going to dedicate as many hours you have available to your business? Or are you going to be easily tempted to watch a television show or a sporting event? Will you be pulled away from your work to surf the web or answer non-business emails? Or will you be willing to stick to a schedule and focus on revenue producing activities?
c. Are you a self-starter? Are you an action taker? Will you allow your business to consume you in a positive way? Consume you to the point where you are always thinking about how to make your business better and then take action on those thoughts.
d. Are you good at planning and establishing short term and long term goals? Are you willing to plan your next day and stick to that plan?
e. Are you a procrastinator or are you willing to do the most important things on your list first (even if they are the most difficult)?

2. What is the Reason You Want to Start a Home Business?

If you want to start a business just to make money, chances are it will fail. Successful internet marketers agree that your reason should go much deeper and be more specific than that.

For example, your reason may be to bring your spouse home from a job in order to spend more time with young children. It could be to make your mortgage payments in order to stay in your home. It could be to provide retirement income so a spouse doesn’t have to work a regular job.

A business is going to have ups and downs, highs and lows. A successful internet marketer must have a powerful reason to overcome the difficult times.

These 2 items should not be taken lightly. My suggestion is to consider very thoroughly each of these items. If you don’t give yourself a high score on each question, you will very likely have a tough time being a successful internet marketer.

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